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Ready to get your online art business started (and tap into the $4.5 Billion Online Art Market) but don’t know how to begin?

The Art Biz Guidebook Series includes six info-packed guides to shortcut your path to creating (or enhancing) a profitable online art business!


The Art Biz Guidebook Series

This series will help you discover:

  • The first step to making consistent art sales online (it’s not what you think!)
  • What your “Why Theme” is and how it helps you stand out from the crowd and attract your ideal clients like a magnet.
  • How to create a super-compelling offer for your art online (and how to find the low hanging fruit to make sales quickly!)
  • Get crystal clear on who your ideal clients are so that you don’t have to market to everyone all the time - you’ll attract the right people easily and naturally!
  • And much more...

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I know your time is valuable, so I promise to get right to the point:

Your art business needs to launch, and begin gaining traction sooner rather than later (like, right now!)

More people are buying art online than EVER before. In fact, online art sales are expected to DOUBLE in the next 4 years (to a staggering total of $9.32 BILLION by 2024).

But if you’re struggling to get your online art sales off the ground, it’s probably because of the three main issues that hold people back:

1. Information overwhelm

You feel like you’ve seen 8,000+ ways to grow a business online, but don’t know where to start, or which one is right for you based on your situation (especially as a creative!)

2. No audience (or not the right audience)

You know you need to have an audience of the right people (your true ideal clients!) in order to begin to sell consistently and predictably but you don’t know a way to find them- or build upon those who already follow you.

3. Not enough profits coming in

Even though you have an audience (or know you need one!) you can’t seem to get anyone to buy from you consistently, no matter what you’ve tried so far.

Can you relate

Either you are:

Familiar with online marketing but don’t know how to adapt what you know exactly to grow your art business- whether you sell your art, an online course, a membership or all three.

Brand new to online marketing and your art business altogether- so you’re truly starting from square one.

Regardless of which category you fit into, we’re going to solve this problem here and now!


  • You CAN learn to market your art online in a simple, effective way with integrity!
  • You CAN find your true ideal clients online in a short amount of time, even if you’ve never sold anything before!
  • You CAN create a consistent and predictable revenue with your art, your course or your membership- and it can grow on the upswing for the long-term!

The KEY - is understanding that building an ART business online is DIFFERENT than building any other kind of online business…

I learned this firsthand when I started my business.
I struggled to…

And then I figured out that there are 6 ESSENTIAL elements to get your online art business up and running.

The 6 Essential Elements of a Successful Art Business

  1. 1
    Your WHY
  2. 2
    Your “Low-Hanging Fruit”
  3. 3
    Revenue Plan
  4. 4
    Ideal Client Discovery
  5. 5
    Offers that Sell
  6. 6
    Simple Tech Tools

Then I began helping OTHER artists find their Why Theme and implement these other essentials, and I started hearing stories like this:

"I have checked out other coaches for guidance and hands down so far yours is the most comprehensive one in terms of clarity for direction and strategy with the revenue plan as an integral part of the process"

Antonia Lee  |  FINE ARTIST

"I have done the three interviews. I was really surprised that all three were coming back to the ideas that lead me to formulate my why statement in the first place. It was like seeing the process I went through with the why theme being decomposed from end to beginning. Thank you, Alexis, this was a very rewarding exercise!"

Dana Iliescu  |  FINE ARTIST

"This time 8 out of 10 opened and 5 filled out the questionnaire (for the ideal client discovery) with wonderfully detailed and thoughtful answers! It was very encouraging. Thank you, Alexis. I never would have known to do any of this without your guidance and the great sharing!!"

Joey Frisillo  |  FINE ARTIST

Now, you might be thinking,

“Well, I already know this,”

but there’s a difference between knowing and DOING - and I want to help you get momentum QUICKLY to take advantage of the huge demand for online art sales right now.


The Art Biz Guidebook Series 

Six info-packed guides to shortcut your path to creating (or enhancing) a profitable online art business!

NO hours of video to watch...just the essentials that you need to find your ideal clients and make offers that sell more art!

My Exclusive 6 Step-by-Step Guides include:

Why Theme Guide

This is one of the keys that separates an art business from every other online business. See, as an artist the secret to selling art online is CONNECTING with your ideal clients. And the way you do that is through your WHY THEME.

Every artist needs to be clear about their Why Theme in order to run a successful online business, but too many artists skip over this step, and then wonder why they’re not resonating. In this guide I’ll show you my signature process to easily develop your Why Theme - this alone brings so much clarity!

"Digging deeper into my why has been very enlightening. Just even recognizing I have a why has increased my motivation, drive and passion to create and want to continue creating.. and put myself "out there" to do so without so much fear and self doubt"

~ Kristen Aguilar 

Low-Hanging Fruit Guide

Your art business might sound great on paper, but if you’re not making sales, you don’t have a business! This guide is designed to help you figure out your fastest path to making money - what I call the low-hanging fruit offer.

Usually, when I work with artists, they have what they need to get their first offer out there right away! I’ll show you exactly how to do it in this guide so you can start making sales TOMORROW, if you wish. 

"I am at the beginning stages of getting my portfolio ready. I am not in a rush so I have time to maneuver around this. I am thinking my low hanging fruit would be prints of my artwork or my hand-painted pillows. I did follow suit with the practice of engaging with my audience which gave me two shares with influencers and my first commission piece. So thank you guys so much for that"

~ April Holley

Revenue Plan Guide

If you want a profitable business, you need a revenue plan. And while that might sound scary, I’ll show you how to approach this in a cool, calm, and no-nonsense way so that it gets done without drama.

The cool thing about having a revenue plan on paper is that the plan starts becoming reality without you even realizing it!

"OMG! I love this and its so helpful! Not something we are used to thinking about as artists but SO needed! For ANY Entrepreneur! Thank you!"

~ Sue Edenhauser Joorfetz

Ideal Client Discovery Guide

Let me tell you a secret - you DON’T have to market to the entire world. When you know who your ideal clients are, selling becomes so much easier and more natural. This guide helps you determine who your ideal client is for your chosen low-hanging fruit offer so that you can find them and start making sales!

"I realized that a big reason for sharing my art comes from a need to connect with people, but also to let people know that they are not alone in their lives or their suffering. There are tools and lifestyle changes that can reconnect them to themselves and others. (I do wellness/yoga art) I thought I had an idea of this before, but this exercise made things come out differently"

~ Alex Christie

Crafting an Offer Guide

Let me tell you a secret - you DON’T have to market to the entire world. When you know who your ideal clients are, selling becomes so much easier and more natural. This guide helps you determine who your ideal client is for your chosen low-hanging fruit offer so that you can find them and start making sales!

"I cringe at making offers! I am a little bit better about it, but mostly because I would diminish my talents or efforts because I did not see my value. I do not do that anymore. I found my value, but I can see where I have issues in other places. So I feel like I am finally in the right place"

~ Augustine Civalier

Tech Essentials Guide

Don’t be afraid of tech - they’re the TOOLS you need to make your business work! I’ve compiled a list of the essentials you'll need in an easy-to-use format, so you can get started quickly. HINT - you only need THREE tech tools to run your art business and they’re all super easy to use.

"Thank you so much for the worksheet ... it gave me a great push and start for my art business. Looking forward to working out my why theme and making adjustments to my overall plan"

~ Catalina Mercado

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The Art Biz Guidebook Series 

The Art Biz Guide Series is valued at over $775 
Start YOUR Art Biz Today for just $29

See What People are Saying About the Art Biz Guide Series:

"I'm working on one right now for today's 'engagement post'. This work we've been doing on our Why and visions is really helping to clarify my focus! It's really interesting to observe how my brain is responding, I was inundated with ideas yesterday of all the stories I could tell and how to go about telling them, it is like these exercises are flipping switches up there - all of which is beautifully liberating!"

Susie Nathanson  |  FINE ARTIST

"Thank you so much for this! It was super amazing! I will be using these techniques a lot in the future. Great way to turn off the mind and shift it to another place."

Augustine Civalier  |  FINE ARTIST

"It feels like the smartest thing I have ever done for my business...Honestly, this has shifted my mindset and offered some scaffolding around my business that was desperately needed. As someone who just launched a business this year, it's been a slow start and I can easily see how this will propel my business by helping me make intentional decisions. THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

Niki Welch  |  FINE ARTIST

The truth is, I could probably charge $775 for this series, because it really does contain everything you need to get your art business started quickly, without having to wade through hours of training to get what you need.

And once you use them, you’ll know your WHY, your OFFER, and your IDEAL CLIENT…

And you’ll have the pieces in place to start making sales - imagine the smile on your face as you sell ANOTHER painting or piece of art from your website. 

Knowing that you can do the same thing, again and again, ANYTIME you want to. 

Think about the TIME and FREEDOM you’ll have: to paint, to create, to spend doing the things you love…

And that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you know that people are enjoying your work!

The Art Biz Guidebook Series 

The Art Biz Guide Series is valued at over $775 
Start YOUR Art Biz Today for just $29

Plus, I’ve got you covered with a 7-Day No-Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!
We promise that you CAN do this.

But the best part is don’t even have to believe us!

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the guides, within 7 days, we will offer you a full refund, for any reason.

That means you can get this today, and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good! Take the full 7 days to explore the guides and then make a decision using the information you have, rather than the information you don’t.

Frequently Asked Questions about The Art Biz Guide Series:

So what exactly do I get again?

You get ALL 6 Art Biz Guides, a full 40+ “small and mighty” pages of exactly what you need to start your art business. This is a $775 value at a crazy small price!

Is this just for painters?

No! This is for ALL artists, creatives, craftspeople who want to sell more of their work or expertise online.

I’m not great with tech. Can I do this?

Yes! I even created a guide JUST for you on how to use three simple tech tools. We’ve had grandmothers go through this process and make it all work, this guide shows you how.

How do I access the guides?

You will get an email immediately after your purchase with detailed instructions on how to access the digital guides.

 Get The Art Biz Guide Series while it’s still available at the insanely low price of $29

Looking forward to seeing you on the other side!!

xxoo Alexis Fedor

"Alexis has this wonderful balance of being a warm person, that you can connect with but also she is so knowledgeable. She is going to teach you but she is not going to let you get away with you not doing your best. Alexis is so good about answering your questions and pointing you in the right direction. But she is also good at making you think for yourself."


"My perspective has changed in the sense that I am a lot more specific about factors that will actually help me be more productive. I feel like there really is a possibility, not just to have my art/business sustain my basic needs, but for it to even grow beyond that. I am actually excited to relate to it because a clear path has been laid out."


"This has been something that has been a dream all my life, to have an artist business. Now that my other career is behind me and with the help of Alexis I've just blossomed. I can now say 'Wow, I can do this, I can follow my dream and have a career in my art.'"


If you have an additional questions, feel free to reach out to my team at

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