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Grow Your Art Business Online In 5 Days! 

End of Challenge Webinar

Here’s what we’re going to cover:

  • The importance of  your Why Theme
  • Crafting a 12-Month Engagement Plan that leads to inevitable sales
  • How to streamline your online business so you talk to the right people and maintain your integrity
  • …and much, much more!

End-of-Challenge Webinar is on Friday, February 12th at 12pm EST


Alexis Fedor

"My perspective has changed in the sense that I am a lot more specific about factors that will actually help me be more productive. I feel like there really is a possibility, not just to have my art/business sustain my basic needs, but for it to even grow beyond that. I am actually excited to relate to it because a clear path has been laid out"

~ Sophia Remold | Choreographer & Healer

"I have my first private mentoring client for 3 months (1500€) starting in July. It is all connected to the theme of my latest course. 

Thank you Alexis for making so much possible for me and my clients! <3 

~ Verena Fay | Fine Artist

 "Alexis is not only giving information, there's tons of information outside there in the world, you can get through the Internet, you can read all the blog posts...She lets us feel we are more than another number in her client base. Really gives us the feeling that she cares about us. This really makes a difference and it made a difference for me." 

~ Insa Hoffman | Fine Artist

Be the first in line to build an art business that aligns with your artistic vision and brings a flow of consistent profits your way!

  • Seven KEY steps 347 artists have taken to generate over $3,735,395 with their art
  • Points to win free coaching from Alexis to help you grow your online art business
  • Case study of how one artist made $9,500 after just one month of implementing these seven steps
  •   …and much, much more!

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