7 Essential Steps for Your Health and Wealth in Uncertain Times


Dr. Karuna Sabnani

Alexis Fedor

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Alexis Fedor and Dr. Karuna Sabnani come together during this time of uncertainty to bring you 7 essential steps you need in order to thrive internally and externally.

What We Will Cover:

  • Why True Health leads inevitably to True Wealth
  • How you can gain True Wealth especially during this time of uncertainty
  • The essential “internal container” you must create during times of change to prosper

...and much more!

You can’t afford to miss this, especially during this time!


Alexis Fedor is the founder of Artists In Business, a company that helps artists and creatives of all disciplines create profitable online businesses with their art through online course and group coaching with a focus on creating True Wealth by combining your Vision for your art with practical business tools to help you achieve long-term financial health and wellness.

She has been featured in Fox Business News, Travel + Leisure and has been a guest speaker on numerous stages worldwide.

Her signature program, The Profit Canvas, has helped hundreds of artists create long-term, sustainable businesses with and for their art utilizing the online space to broaden their reach and deeply impact those who need what they have to offer.

Dr. Karuna Sabnani is a Natural Medicine Expert.

She works with patients nationally + internationally. She has been the health & beauty advisor to supermodel IMAN’S company, Iman Cosmetics, a writer for The Huffington Post and her advice has been sought after in Cosmo, Business Insider, Yoga Journal and Allure Magazines.

She has appeared on national networks and been featured on The Dr. OZ show and actress Judy Greer’s show Reluctantly Healthy on The CW Network.

Dr. Sabnani speaks worldwide about the importance of beauty & pleasure in wellness. She launched her new program, "The Real Detox + Pleasure Rx" in the Fall of 2019

You can’t afford to miss this, especially during this time!


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