[Free Challenge] Grow Your Art Business Online In 10 Days - Waitlist

This free Challenge is designed to help you jumpstart your art business no matter what phase of business you're in (if just have an idea or you've been in business for 20 years!

This 10 Day Challenge gives you:

  • The roadmap to simple and easy steps to making online sales that you can start implementing now
  • Live case studies of how artists just like you created profitable online businesses
  • Points to win free coaching from Alexis [valued at $2,500] to help you fast track the growth your online art business

    …and much, much more!

Gain 25 Points NOW for just joining the waitlist for this Challenge!

"I feel like I was given a huge opportunity...I learned how to change my mindset from 'I am a artist to I am a small business owner.' I am so thankful because this year I have a full marketing plan and a full revenue plan in place for the entire year. These were just doors that opened up and opportunities given."

~ Marigny Goodyear | Fine Artist

"The coaching Alexis's has given me is wonderful. It's life changing. It really does change how you see your business and realize how you can go into different directions to make more money so that you can live from it full time."

~ Holly Dean | Fine Artist

"Alexis has this wonderful balance of being a warm person, that you can connect with but also she is so knowledgeable. She is going to teach you but she is not going to let you get away with you not doing your best. Alexis is so good about answering your questions and pointing you in the right direction. But she is also good at making you think for yourself."

~ Holly Carton | Fine Artist/Illustrator

I'll be holding an exclusive 10-Day Challenge beginning soon, where you will have the chance to gain points by participating that will give you a chance to win a free spot in The Profit Canvas Program! When you join the waitlist today you automatically get 25 points!

Even though the Challenge is not starting today you'll want to join NOW because we share special tips and exercises in the group daily and you do not want to miss out!

Why would you even want to collect these Points:

  • These points make you eligible to win free coaching from Alexis [valued at $2,500].
  • Get other gifts to help you grow your online art business!
  • Gain bonus points and get Challenge details firsthand!!

Alexis Fedor, Founder of Artists In Business and the Grow Your Art Business Online In 10 Days Challenge

I’m a performance artist and writer who discovered that in order to run a successful online business you need to learn how to run a business like the top 10% of business owners in the world: combine a practical revenue plan with an powerful marketing plan that speaks to your personal niche audience.  

Once I proved to myself that I could make over a million dollars in revenue for myself and my clients in online marketing sales, and made my first six figures with my writing and choreography services I felt confident enough to begin to teach other artists how to do the same for their own businesses.  

I wanted to help other artists because I’m a teacher at heart- I learn by teaching and I have the ability to break down systems and processes for people to learn at an accelerated rate. The combination of both, along with growing up with two teachers- an art teacher and English and Reading specialist- helped me create this unique opportunity for artists of all disciplines to build profitable businesses with and for their art.  

I believe artists are hardwired to run the best businesses in the world in this day and age because of the opportunity provided by the online space. The internet enables every artist to have an almost equal chance to reach their own niche audience, no matter where they are in the world and serve them with the kind of art, teaching and offers they are meant to give.  

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