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Most Artists Are Blasting a Bullhorn to an Empty Room

Everyone says you have to post on social media to be successful, so you do...

Yet you can’t help the sinking feeling, every time you hit “post” that you’re bothering people…

I see posts like this all the time:

“Hey, I have a new painting for sale. If you’re interested...please?”

“Hey, my new website is ready! Please look at it and let me know what you think.”

“Guess what? I’m being featured in a show this month. Check it out!”

And when I read those posts, my heart goes out to those artists because I can tell they are struggling.

I get it.

You just want to be able to sell your art without feeling stressed, confused, or overwhelmed...

And you’re sick and tired of posting endlessly on social media to crickets.

You know deep down these posts don’t really sound like you. AND they’re not attracting the right people.…

Which leaves you feeling defeated and disappointed because only your art colleagues are liking and commenting (not your ideal buyers!)...

But hey, most of us are creatives and not natural “marketers”.

(The good news is, you don’t have to be a “marketer” to sell art online).

Here’s the missing piece:

Before you can successfully sell your art online, you need to know WHO you’re selling to!

Here’s the thing:

Most “ideal client” exercises will have you create an avatar and imagine what TV shows your clients are watching, give them a fake name, and spin up all kinds of details about them…

(“Mary” loves watching reruns of Friends and anything salted caramel - who cares?)

This might work for other types of businesses, but frankly, it’s a waste of time for artists.

I Fell Into the “Avatar Trap” Too...

Hi, I’m Alexis Fedor and I spent hours and hours answering what felt like 1,000 questions to create an ideal client avatar for my business…

The result?


Then I realized...everything I had done was all based on me GUESSING the answers.

So I tried a different, slightly weird approach.

I started from the INSIDE (more on that in a second)...

And I generated $24,850 in just one week (to a list of only 500 people!)

The Secret is: Finding out what your clients WANT and NEED.

Most artists are posting on social media without getting results, because 90% of artists only know what their clients WANT.

Anyone who buys art has deeper needs that can’t be discovered simply by going through the standard Avatar process.

Most of the time, they’re not even aware of what those deeper needs are (so how could YOU know them?).

In fact, not 1 in 1,000 business owners really understands the right way to do this.

Once you can figure out what your ideal buyers really NEED (using a simple framework that I’ll share with you…)

You put yourself in the 10% of artists that THRIVE…


  • No more social media crickets.
  • Consistent and predictable sales. 
  • More time in the studio
  • You feel good about selling (it doesn’t even FEEL like selling!)
  • And you attract collectors who will buy everything you offer. 


The Buyer Portrait Blueprint

The simple, guesswork-free framework to find and attract your ideal buyers online (even if you’ve never sold online before!)

A great portrait captures the inner essence of your subject.

It goes beyond the surface details to create a connection between the subject and the viewer.

Once you know how to see, recreate, and capture the essence of YOUR “subjects” (aka your ideal clients)...

Selling becomes easy and natural because you’ve created a deeper connection.

You’ve discovered that deeper need that triggers an almost unconscious response, that “I gotta have it!” that magnetizes people to your work.

Once you create your Buyer Portrait You Can: 

  • Stop Marketing in the Dark.
    No more social media posts that go nowhere. 
  • Target Your Ideal Buyers Online.
    Know exactly where they are and how to connect so they respond and engage.
  • Sell your offers!
    Selling becomes effortless, natural, and even fun! It feels like a win-win.

Angela Maritz

Fine Artist I New Zealand

“I am now the owner of my business"

"I believed I did not have the skills to find my ideal client or to market to them. This course has now made me feel like I am now the owner of my business and not essentially working in my business."

Amy Munns

Fine Artist I Manassas, VA

"That was really enlightening for me."

“My biggest takeaway was the whole framework. The process of engagement has been a big one for me. Learning how to engage with my audience and learning that there are people out there that appreciate my art. That was really enlightening for me.”

Froyle Davies

Fine Artist I New Zealand

"It was a very restorative moment."

“For the client discovery, I wanted to ask people that I knew who had bought my paintings and who I knew loved me. So I started with the easy ones first. When I called them to ask them these questions, we reconnected on a personal level. That whole reconnection and hearing their words about my art, me and that time in their life when they bought their painting or why they bought it and what it meant to them. It fired me up and it really restored hope in me. It was a very restorative moment.”

Here’s Everything That You Get Instant Access To:

Lesson 1: How To Spot Your True Ideal Buyers Online

Learn how to Identify your buyers so you have a baseline for how to measure who they could be at any given time.

Lesson 2: How To Identify Your Ideal Buyers Wants

You learn how to Characterize your buyers’ wants, which are the main, surface reasons a person is attracted to what you have to offer in your business.

This gives you a baseline for how to make a distinction between prospects and buyers.

Lesson 3: How to Discover Your Ideal Buyers Needs

Discover your Buyer Portrait Blueprint by combining your Characterizations with your buyers’ needs, which allows you to understand the reasons they would want to buy from you apart from another artist or art offer.

This gives you a baseline for how to position your offers to your audience online that is unique to your business.

Lesson 4: How to Create Your Ideal Buyer Portrait

Learn how to build your ideal client community online as a business with a specific focus on the creation of a Lead Magnet, which is a gift you offer your potential buyers.

A Lead Magnet Gift will help you attract new buyers to your business online in the most effective ways.

Plus, I’ve got you covered with 3 Amazing Bonuses: 

Bonus 1: 15 Ways to Build Your List Online

(Value $300) 

This guide gives you 15 unique, proven ways to build your list, (or audience), online without paying for advertising.

The approaches listed in this guide are designed to complement the approach we share in the Buyer Portrait Blueprint course lessons, so you have 15 rock-solid ways to experiment with creating an online audience who are the most likely to become loyal, repeat buyers.

Bonus 2: Buyer Portrait Blueprint Deep-Dive

(Value $500) 

In this bonus session we walk through how to go deeper into what your buyers need once you have your Buyer Portrait Blueprint established. This bonus really gets underneath your understanding of your audience in the most caring and compassionate way. It helps you uncover the hidden secrets about your buyers needs that you could never figure out without taking these additional steps.

Bonus 3: Three Essential Steps to Setting Up Your Art Biz Email System
(Value $500)

We know how challenging it can be to setup an effective email system for your business.

Whether you are just starting out and have never emailed a single person or have been in business for years and need an easier way to automate your email marketing.

We have you covered in this tutorial, which shows you, on principle, how to create the kind of email system that makes your life as a business owner easier- and sending emails to your audience more fun and fulfilling.

Just a few more steps and you'll have access to everything you need to grow your Art Business online

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We have a 30-day commitment to you:

If, after 30 days, you feel the program you enrolled in has not served you in growing your business, we will give you your money back, no questions asked once you submit to us the following:

  • Proof that you completed the exercises from all or part of the program made available to you within the 30 days
  • A summary of how to material provided did not serve the growth of your business
  • A completed questionnaire about your experience with the program

What’s amazing about this process, is that once you have your Ideal Buyer Portrait, you not only know WHO you’re talking to, you start to see momentum in your business, more engagement, likes, and shares, and maybe even more sales.

Just like these artists:

Jill Rumley

Fine Artist I Boulder, Colorado

“That is what the course has taught me"

“Find what you love, create what you love and then search for those people that resonate with that. That is what the course has taught me.”

Bjorg Brend Laird

Fine Artist I Oakland, California

"has been a big takeaway"

“Getting to know my ideal client was tricky, since I didn't have any clients to begin with. I'm still working on that but having been guided in which direction to ask questions and the importance of engaging has been great. This course has taught me that you're either engaging or you are offering so the importance of knowing your ideal client has been a big takeaway.”

Marigny Goodyear

Fine Artist & Essay Writer I Talent, OR

“My perspective has changed on how to reach people"

“I started shifting my thinking again I started making these small 6 inches and 8-inch pieces of original art…I sold 10 of them. It made my goal for the year, I was nowhere near making my goal and I made my financial goal for the year through doing that and selling a few other little pieces or my website. So had I not looked at that value ladder and said how do I adjust my thinking around just selling my original art, in the sizes, I was selling it, to how do I make this original art more accessible to people without bending my beliefs on what the art is… My perspective has changed on how to reach people, what to offer people, and how not be reliant on the avenues that I once thought I was very reliant on to make sales.”

Pat Megraw

Fine Artist I Brantford, ON, CA

“opened up a whole new world"

“My biggest takeaway in working with you has been getting going on my marketing in the right way and actually understanding what is going on. It has opened up a whole new world that I’m not intimidated by anymore, and that has been a huge gift.

Just to recap, here’s everything you get:

  • Lesson 1: How To Spot Your True Ideal Buyers Online
  • Lesson 2: How To Identify Your Ideal Buyers Wants
  • Lesson 3: How to Discover Your Ideal Buyers Needs
  • Lesson 4: How to Create Your Ideal Buyer Portrait

PLUS these additional bonuses:

  • 15 Ways to Build Your List Online (Value $300)
  • Buyer Portrait Blueprint Deep-Dive (Value $500)
  • Three Essential Steps to Setting Up Your Art Biz Email System (Value $500)

Just a few more steps and you'll have access to everything you need to grow your Art Business online

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Insa Hoffmann

Fine Artist | Germany

"the gentle persistent push HAS helped me"

“For all of you who know me from last year witnessing my struggles with the online world, I proudly announce that I have enrolled 9 persons in my beta course beginning today! I can't stress enough how much the gentle persistent push from Alexis Fedor helped me"

Diane Stelin

Fine Artist | Boston, Massachusetts

"I know exactly who my ideal client is"

“Thanks to the course I've been good at connecting with people from my inner circle, and being more upfront about the fact that I'm selling my work. With my specific offers, and I've had some good responses from people in my community... Now I need to figure out how to reach more people like that. So I know exactly who my ideal client is, thanks to Alexis."

Caroline Wright

Fine Artist I Austin, Texas

"getting that real with people"

"I've been sending out the questions to people and the people I've heard back from, it's been so real, and so deep. I had to get really vulnerable in order to allow that to happen. At first when I did it sent out this email I felt so bad. I was like, this was a huge mistake. I can't believe that I took Alexis advice on this...But then seeing it through has been the biggest win because it's helping me to get comfortable with getting that real with people. And it's been such a big return. Because I'm having these really deep conversations with people who are also my clients and who buy my work, you know, I mean, it's really, really cool."

Frequently Asked Questions  about The Buyer Portrait Blueprint:

Will this course help me find my ideal buyer?

Will this course help me sell online?

What if I take the course and am just not satisfied, or feel it is not the right fit for my business?

How can I justify the investment for this when I am not seeing revenue in my business yet, or not enough to have the extra amount to spend?

Do I have to have a product to sell – like paintings or photography – or can this course work for services or freelance work?

Does it matter what level of business I am in? Will I be wasting my time if I am just a beginner? Will I be beyond this if I am a seasoned business owner?

Will I have access to the whole course at one time?

What if I realize mid-way through the course that I have to take care of some other issues that came up during the course that could set me back a bit from implementing my plan right away? What do I do then?

Do you ever update the course? If so, will I have access to those updates?

Fred Tyre

Fine Artist I Des Moines, Iowa

"I have come so much farther from where I was"

"I have come so much farther from where I was. Seeing the world through different eyes. In a world where artists and other sellers settle for low incomes by catering to other people's audiences and handing over a large portion of those funds to a company who doesn't properly appreciate my work or worth. I have been shown how to create a following who values my art (products) in a way that won't send me to the poor house. Even just an audience who cares is more than I've ever had. Still, I have gained so much knowledge."

Susie Nathanson

Fine Artist I London, England

"I am excited about the prospect of building my own client following"

“My win has been developing a lovely dialogue with a new client who has just bought one of my toy car paintings. He has also signed onto my newsletter and is really enthusiastic about commissioning a portrait of his dog soon!
It is a real thrill to finally be nurturing these authentic rooted direct relationships with new clients, I felt so in the dark and cut off when going through galleries and now I am excited about the prospect of building my own client following"

Holly Carton

Fine Artist | Hazelton, PA

"has been really big for me"

“For the longest time, I was just like, I just want to make art and have people pay me and that was like the farthest I had gone. I didn't know how to go any further than that. So to be able to say no, this is why I make the very specific type of art that I make and it's not for everybody and realizing that and being okay with that has been really big for me."

Amja Unabashedly

Fine Artist | England

"you'll thank yourself for it"

"'Wow! I have done 2 Ideal Client discovery interviews, 1 was some I know and the other from an organic follower on Instagram... If you are afraid to do the interviews face the fear with your Courage, you'll thank yourself for it. I got such a wealth of information and really learnt about both the clients, even the one I know. I learnt about and want they want and need from me in terms of my offer to feel loved and empowered which both are the core to my Why theme. Trust the process artist friends!"

Just a few more steps and you'll have access to everything you need to grow your Art Business online

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So Now It’s Decision Time: 

You can continue using your current approach to make sales and grow your business.

Yet I suspect if you’re still reading, you’re looking for a better way.

If you’re ready to find your ideal buyers online (and have them come to you)...

I want to show you a simple, intuitive way to find and attract the buyers who will fall in love with you and your work…

I’ve laid it out for you step by step.

All you have to do is follow the steps to start seeing MORE engagement on social media…

More people in your audience (no more crickets on social media!)

And most importantly, MORE sales.

If you’re ready, the best decision you can make is to let this process work its magic for you.

Remember, because of our full 30 day guarantee, you can go through the entire Buyer Portrait Blueprint program and start reaching your ideal buyers online.

If you’re not absolutely thrilled with the your confidence, increased social engagement, and interest in your art, just email us for a full and courteous refund.

Nothing changes until we take action. This is a proven, easy-to-follow process that’s at the heart of every successful art business.

Let's do this!

Just a few more steps and you'll have access to everything you need to grow your Art Business online

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