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Art Biz 2021 “Cycle of Completion” Strategic Planning Bootcamp

Create your "cannot fail" revenue plan:

Get more done in 2 days than in 2 months (or even 2 years!)
(Limited to 10 artists!)

(10 spots available!)

There is a $100 deposit due NOW to hold your spot- the rest is due before the bootcamp begins!

Thur, April 29th & Fri, April 30th 2021, 11am- 2pm EST
With three quarterly follow-up sessions to follow!

Your Investment:

As a Profit Canvas graduate you can attend for ONLY one payment of $497 (or two payments of $257).

There is a $100 deposit due NOW to hold your spot- the rest is due before the bootcamp begins on April 29th!


"Wow, I have just listened to this...I feel a soothing sense of relief and clarity. Alexis, you have broken down the basis and importance of the Productivity Matrix so well I am feeling so confident in terms of what my business will be doing 12 months from now, as long as I respect the Productivity Matrix. Thank you for the beginning of greater Clarity!!!"

Antonia Lee | Fine Artist

"Ah, my goodness, what a relief. This is so clear and feels doable. I recognize where my resistance and overload comes from and being able to nip it in the bud by using a framework is a godsend. Thank you"

Emma Berry | Fine Artist

"Loved this lesson. Keeping busy is what I have to do at work. I rarely see why everyone else considered each project a priority. This framework seems so much better to me. Like others have said, a relief, peaceful. Amazing."

Fred Tyre | Fine Artist


If you’ve felt like 2020 has been a “lost year” in your art business…

You’ve lost momentum and you’re struggling to get much of anything done…

Maybe you’re hesitating to make offers and plan ahead because the world right now is so unpredictable…

You’re not the only one. I’ve spoken to artist after artist who had big dreams of making progress in 2020 and growing their business, and instead are feeling left behind, frustrated, stuck, and frozen in place.

And then they feel embarrassed about their lack of progress, when in reality...this year has thrown ALL of us for a loop.

And after hearing from so many artists telling me the same thing, I really sat down to think about what we need to get back on track - because it IS possible to grow your art business and see results, no matter what the world looks like.

I started with this simple fact: 90% of artistic businesses fail every year in the U.S. 

And you may have retreated this year not just because we’ve had an unprecedented, challenging time - but because you weren’t prepared for how to handle a shift in the world…

"Loved this. It makes so much sense. Just need to make sure I stay in the right place to make sure my business grows."

Jennifer Ryburn | Fine Artist

"This was so useful... It was a good reminder.. because I keep wanting to do all the things.. and I do start feeling the overwhelm. It is nice to feel like I have permission to do things one at a time, and that it is the best way to do it. Thank you!”

Amy Munns | Fine Artist

"This makes so much sense. I can see how artists have these issues. I know I have had many coaches and have had the shiny object syndrome. I need to get focused on a focal point that makes sense for me. Thank you!"

Augustine Civalier | Fine Artist


Our brains can’t see past a 90-day window.

So when we set down goals for the year to come, those loose goals you are hoping you’ll fulfill by year-end (at best!) are likely going to fall by the wayside by March.

Not what you want!

You may have the foundation of your business in place and a revenue plan you hope to fulfill this next year…

You may have sat down to write down your goals for the year to come…

Or maybe you haven’t, and the thought of even starting is overwhelming.

Here’s what I realized:

Successful art businesses are organized around a Cycle of Completion.

What does that mean?

A Cycle of Completion means you have a model designed for your business that covers the 5 key components any business needs to ensure success:

Vision Organization
12-Month Goals
Sales Plan

And we’re going to put an end to that on April 29th & 30th in the Art Biz 2021 “Cycle of Completion” Strategic Planning Bootcamp

It is designed to set you up for the whole year with:

*Your unique Cycle of Completion Map to follow

*A plan for how to follow it

*Accountability in place for you to check your progress every step of the way.

There is a $100 deposit due NOW to hold your spot- the rest is due before the bootcamp begins on April 29th!

"I am loving this! Yes, it is huge & overwhelming, yes, it is showing me how bad my past mistakes have been, but I'm here now & I am learning so much and I can see myself achieving my goals! If you are feeling overwhelmed just don't give up, slowly is better than not at all! Keep at it."

Froyle Davies | Fine Artist

"This has been by FAR the most beneficial thing I've ever participated in.

Honestly, this has shifted my mindset and offered some scaffolding around my business that was desperately needed. As someone who just launched a business this year, it's been a slow start and I can easily see how this will propel my business by helping me make intentional decisions. These are all the things that seemed scary, so I've been putting it off and not figuring it out, and now I feel very empowered. THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

Niki Welch | Fine Artist

"0MG! I love this and its so helpful! Not something we are used to thinking about as artists but SO needed! For ANY Entrepreneur! Thank you"

Sue Joorfetz | Fine Artist

What We’re Going to Cover: 

These 5 KEY action steps are what we will cover in detail in this workshop to ensure you put your plan into action- and that you see results:

1. Organization Cycle
Create the proper business organizational system

2. 12-Month Goal Cycle
Create the kind of goals that not only hit your revenue goal in the next 12 months but segue right into positive revenue for the next two years!

3. Sales Plan Cycle
Create a 12-month sales plan that is designed to help you reach (and exceed!) your 12-month goals.

4. Accountability Cycle
Create accountability for yourself with specific metrics unique to your business that show you exactly when you need to make adjustments to your Sales Plan!

5. Productivity Cycle
Create a system for you to stay ahead of every goal and in your personal flow every step of the way!

You’ll walk away with:

  • Your entire year planned out
  • Your roadmap
  • Your sales plan
  • A self-care plan so that you’re taking care of YOU as you grow your business (you’ll make more progress if you’re not burned out and overwhelmed!)

Plus, because our brains can only handle 90 days at a time, we’ll be meeting THREE more times (every quarter) to make sure that your plan is on track and make any course corrections needed.

There is a $100 deposit due NOW to hold your spot- the rest is due before the bootcamp begins on April 29th!

I recently ran this event as a one-day bootcamp and the feedback was amazing!

"It completely revised my approach. Walking us through the 10 year plan, the 3 year plan the 12 month plan, it quickly identified what the main priorities were. Then tasking out the list of goals for the next 12 month, further clarified the scale of what needed doing (although I am still refining this). The biggest 'tada' moment was reviewing the offer schedule and the method of visual map creations, this is really beginning to help me clarify my immediate task priorities!"

~ Susie Nathanson

"I now have a step-by-step system that I can follow every year to set my business up for success, which includes looking at my revenue plan, sales plan, offer calendar, engagement plan, etc. The framework/structure of the most critical elements, so I know where to focus my efforts in this planning stage, is what I was missing and what I most appreciated from this Bootcamp."

~ Niki Welch

"It provides me with business strategies that I can use for the life of my business."

Angela Maritz

"Goal setting is a whole separate skill set from craftmanship or draftsmanship. Every artist who wants to grow art business benefits from a specialized training like this."

Naomi Gray

"It gave me a clearer picture of how things work together and made me see how much simpler it all is then I thought before. It took away a lot of the complication that I believed was there. It really simplified things for me and helped me feel like this is all actually achievable for me to execute"

Kyle Ballentine

But the one piece of feedback I got was, “Alexis, I wish this was spread out over 2 days so we can really absorb everything and take action.”

You asked...I heard you!

So this Bootcamp is a two-day event FILLED with learning AND implementation AND accountability.

Plus...You’ll Get Built-in Accountability So That You Can’t Drop the Ball!

As a’ll get access to a private Accountability Group where we will partner you with a small group of like-minded artists so that you can support each other this year.

Imagine having a group of “your people” to keep you on track, celebrate your wins, and help motivate you through the tough spots.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pushed through something ONLY because I had friends who supported me, offered advice and expertise, and held me accountable to my goals.

I know this is the missing piece for so many artists in business (that you may not even realize is missing!)


"Great! I have become MUCH more productive the last few months using project planning, pomodor timers, etc. I still have a lot of work to do in this area but the upticks I've already seen in my output make me want to get even more organized."

Dave Speer | Fine Artist

"Thanks for this Alexis Fedor. Great to have the use, purpose redefined and the guided example (which I'll use to help in forming a routine of working with the (Productivity) Matrix) ...brilliant...All makes perfect sense."

Val Kelly | Fine Artist

"It was very encouraging. Thank you, Alexis. I never would have known to do any of this without your guidance and the great sharing from all"

Joey Frisillo | Fine Artist

I’ve gone above and beyond to make this a no-brainer decision. Why? 

Well, the first session is 5 hours long. That alone is worth $2,000. We are setting up your roadmap for the entire year, your systems for that roadmap, your sales plan, and accountability to yourself, and a practice that is going to move your business forward in the long term in a way that is sustainable and lets you have time to create, focus on your art, and enjoy the things you love.

But it doesn’t end there. We’ll meet for three additional sessions (each one valued at $500)...

Plus all of the worksheets, resources, recordings from the event, and more (a $1,000 value)

For a total value of $4,500. 

But because I have seen so many artists get stuck this year, and I KNOW that this is the piece that will set you up for success in 2021, as a Profit Canvas graduate you can attend for ONLY one payment of $497 (or two payments of $257).


A Massive Dose of Empowerment + Motivation

If you’re full of ideas for your business but overwhelmed about where to start putting them into action…

If you want a clear and SIMPLE picture of how the key pieces of your business work together…

So that you can get clarity and a step-by-step system to follow each and every time…

To go from feeling like gaining traction in your business is impossible…

To begin feeling like it’s not only possible...or even’s actually a GIVEN…

THIS Bootcamp is where you need to be.

Spots are limited so grab yours now by clicking the button below:

There is a $100 deposit due NOW to hold your spot- the rest is due before the bootcamp begins on April 29th!


"Thanks for your kind words and the beautiful reassuring sound of your voice. Hearing you explain this so gently, yet specifically, with intention, is very helpful for me. It is definitely helping me to calm my overwhelm. I create overwhelm, myself when I become frustrated, bored, or attracted to shiny objects. Working with the productivity matrix in this way will give me the feeling of accomplishment that I need to calm my feeling of overwhelm, as you described. Thank you!"

Marjorie Claus | Fine Artist

"Alexis, this is great, and a good boost. ANYTHING you talk about regarding organizing time, priorities, methods, ways of thinking that shift my perspective on this business -is the most helpful right now. The materials you offer are so rich, and really my biggest obstacle is managing. I keep finding myself thinking in old ways - that good painting is all that matters - I have to stop, think, shift and make a move towards my art business - not just my art. I keep returning to the basic fundamentals! so thank you."

Candace Compton Pappas | Fine Artist

"This is freaking awesome!!! I am an idea generator and definitely also struggle with shiny object syndrome. I have to try really hard and plan everything out so I don't get distracted. I definitely needed the help with the organization and creating systems...Thank you so much for the reminder on the top 10 and order of priority! Thank you for giving examples of the benchmarks and the breakdown on how you would approach each one. My notebook is bursting!”

Kelli Folsom | Fine Artist


1. Can anyone take this bootcamp?
No- this Bootcamp is for AIB VIP members only

2. Will you hold this bootcamp again this year?
No- this Bootcamp is being held at the beginning of the year so you can start the year off with your entire Cycle of Completion plan in place- and so we can hold three follow-up accountability sessions with you to make sure you are supported throughout the year to stay on track with your plan.

3. How many artists will be at this Bootcamp?
This Bootcamp is limited to 10 artists only.

4. Will I get ALL my questions answered?
Since the Bootcamp is limited to 10 artists you will get special personalized attention throughout the entire Bootcamp.

5. Will I get follow-up support?
There will be three follow-up support sessions at the beginning of every quarter lead by Alexis to ensure you are staying on track and getting the support you need to do so.

6. Will there be support materials to go with what is taught in the Bootcamp?
You will receive a Bootcamp worksheet to fill in as we move through each section, a Bootcamp checklist to review as you implement your Cycle of Completion Model throughout the year, a complete recording of the Bootcamp, a timestamp of the Bootcamp recording for easy reference, and instructions on how to use your Roadmap Sheet to record each step of your Cycle of Completion Model Plan for the whole year.

7. What does “Cycle of Completion” mean?
“Cycle of Completion” refers to the 5 key systems you need to have in place in order to ensure you not only follow through on your business plans for the year, but that you create a built-in accountability model that shows you how to track your results and optimize them every step of the way so you never fall short of knowing what to do next to achieve better results.

8. Will this “Cycle of Completion” model add more work to my schedule, or save me time in my business?
The “Cycle of Completion” model is the model the 10% of businesses that thrive every year in every industry use to endure success. What success means in this context is that you learn to work smarter, not harder- so the time you put in results in better outcomes each time.

9. Where does self-care fit into this model?
The reason I stand behind the “Cycle of Completion” model is because it allows for the utmost self-care in the process of growing your business. When you have an exact plan with a way to track and hold yourself accountable for making the most optimal adjustments every step of the way, self-care becomes a top priority in that process. You begin to see that you not only CAN fit self-care into your schedule, but that it is a necessary part of the process because you no longer have any reason to blame yourself or beat yourself up for not achieving the results you need for your business.

10. Is there a payment plan, or is it pay-in-full only?
We are offering two payment options: pay in full for $497, or two payments of $257.

So click the link below to reserve your spot now, as they are extremely limited!

There is a $100 deposit due NOW to hold your spot- the rest is due before the bootcamp begins on April 29th!

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