2021 OA Application - Alexis Fedor

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"I needed to remind myself why I am doing what I do. I was so concerned to serve that I forgot about my passion.

I feel more relaxed and on my way again. Now I have a clear vision of my continuity program and can start to put the ads out there. Finally.

Thank you for the wonderful guidance along the way Alexis."

Verena Fay | Fine Artist

"I felt this was everything I had been looking for. I had been getting bits and pieces, but this was all in one place. And Alexis has a background in art, so she knows how we think...I’ve been able to use what I learned from Alexis to keep bringing in consistent income after the course was over. This is huge compared to other programs I’ve done. I’m excited to see how to grow further.”

Kelli Folsom | Fine Artist

"The coaching Alexis's has given me is wonderful. It's life changing. It really does change how you see your business and realize how you can go into different directions to make more money so that you can live from it full time."

Holly Dean | Fine Artist

"This month has been a break-thru month for me...I am so grateful for all of you.. Alexis Fedor & Meghan Cox who are wise and generous with your expertise --- and my other OA compatriots who are offering their heartfelt artistry, gifts, talents, and skills to a world hungry for the creativity and artistry alive in every being to be ignited. Thank you all for who you are and what you do."

Susyn Reeve | Fine Artist

"Thank you for your insight and help yesterday on cleaning up the flour off my counter! It is so helpful! I especially love the fact that Alexis tapes and sends back these recordings, because when I went back and listened I heard it so much better.

Not sure where along the way I lost all my inspiration and anxiety around all of it came into play but with the help of all of your input Im feeling it coming back! YAY."

Mary Sparrow Robles | Fine Artist

"BIG WIN! Alexis asked me what was holding me back or stopping me from starting my class. I really had no good reason as I have been formulating this a good while in my head. I am an organizer in my head but not so good on paper and time. I started contacting people through FB and IG. Well today I got enough people to have my first online class! It is a GO! Thank you Alexis!"

Jane Johnson | Fine Artist

"So I just finished gong back to listen to the entire call from today... Omg I'm floored!!! This was by far the most helpful call yet. From all the great info about systems that were shared, to everyone's anyone feedback... Really can't thank you all enough! Truly. Can't wait for you all to get your critique, so you can see how transformative it can be!"

Sergio Lopez | Fine Artist

"Alexis, there is so much good info on here in the last few weeks. It's all so helpful Alexis Fedor. Thank you. I just need more time to digest and implement."

Susanne Clark | Fine Artist

"Thank you so much for the critique today. So helpful! Thank you all also, for telling me what I already knew about the picture on my "about" page. I have updated it with me in my studio, wearing my studio tiara and doing ocean art...Thanks again everyone!"

Marigny Goodyear | Fine Artist

"Sharing a win... I did a presale this weekend for my latest series of paintings and I sold 2! Usually when I release a series I sell zero right away so I’m excited! $349! Interestingly both buyers came to my list from Instagram."

Laurel Greenfield | Fine Artist

"I was expecting one thing but I feel like I got a hundred things and only one of those is what I was expecting.

Alexis takes the time to help me personally and that has been very impressive to me."

Dave Speer | Fine Artist

"Alexis and all on the call yesterday! It was so fabulous, listening to each of you and hear how all the subjects that Alexis presented connects thru out our lives! Alexis! You guide us so beautifully that it brings tears! Thank you!."

Dee Tapp Kirkham | Fine Artist

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