2021 New Membership - Alexis Fedor

Introducing the NEW Artists in Business Membership:

The Happiest Community of Art Business Owners on the Internet (Because They’re Getting RESULTS!)

If you’re overwhelmed trying to grow your art business...

You might have realized that for most people, trying to learn how to build an online business is like drinking from a firehose. 

There’s so much information out there and everyone tells you that THIS is the thing you need to be doing. 

The problem is, you need something that will work specifically for artists. 

It can get lonely out there in front of your computer, and you don’t know when to step out of learning mode and into action mode.

And even when you try, you’re not sure WHAT to take action on and when…

There’s no one there to guide you or answer questions or say, “do THIS now, not THAT.”

I see so many artists stuck in an unhealthy cycle of too much information, which leads to overwhelm, which leads to more procrastination, and frustration. 

So I created the AIB Membership to help you BREAK that cycle…

Filtering all of the information out there (so you don’t have to), so you ONLY get what you need and the support to implement it in a way that’s fun, easy, and sustainable (and lets you still have plenty of time for your art!).

I made over $25k in masks alone

"Last year on an AIB call I was encouraged to look into making face masks. At first I didn't want to monetize out of a pandemic. But then I realized my art on these products might help others. This past week I finally counted up how many masks I sold last year. Too many to count. But approximately 8 thousand. I made over $25k in masks alone.

Thank you Alexis for encouraging me to do them”

Emeline Tate

Fine Artist

Sold another 4 paintings this week

"Sold another 4 paintings this week, maybe 5 as I'm waiting on a reply from someone regarding one, and one of them sold before I even finished it based on a work in progress pic. So I think that makes 10 or 11 this month. Which is wild to me, last January 2020 I sold 4 I think it was. So this year is off to a great start.  

Seeing the direct correlation of how often I produce work and engage relating to sales has cured my motivational problems"

Kyle Ballentine

Fine Artist

I sold $950 in 4 days

"I sold $950 in 4 days last weekend. From out of nowhere, Alexis' Workshop totally changes my plans for the Black Friday weekend.
First of all I wasn't planning to offer anything for the Black Friday, because I didn't think I had anything ready, and I didn't know how and didn't have time to create new stuff.

Through following up with the buyers, I gained great insights for my future offers. I'm so grateful for the support from everybody.”

Naomi Gray

Fine Artist

Introducing the NEW AIB Membership

The Right Expertise at the Right Time in a Community of Artists to Cheer You On With the Coaching and Mentorship to Give You Momentum in Your Art Business

Here’s everything you get access to for just $37/month or $197 for the year (that is 6-months for free)!

Quarterly Live Q&A’s
Once a quarter you’ll attend a LIVE Q&A with me to ask anything about your business. This is your opportunity to check in and get clear on your priorities for the quarter. Members say they get TONS of value from hearing other people’s questions, too (this call is a must-attend and you get access to the archive of previous calls too!)

Expert Guest Speakers
Every month I hand-select an expert to come in to teach and do a live Q&A on specific topics you request!
For example: things like copywriting, Facebook ads, Instagram, marketing, and what’s working right now in the online space.

Special Quarterly Workshops
Every quarter, we’ll do a deep dive workshop training. These are hands-on workshops to help you get a LOT done in a short amount of time (put on your action pants for these!)

Weekly “Small Win” Celebrations!
Every week we get to share wins, no matter how small they may be. It’s the small wins that are worth celebrating because they build momentum to create BIG wins - plus, it’s a lot of fun to cheer each other on!

Self-Care Check-Ins
I believe a big part of success is not just the results in your business, but whether you have time to stop and enjoy what you’re doing. So we want to help you prioritize the self-care habits that make your business fun, sustainable, and profitable.

Private Community to Ask Questions and Get Support
I know it sounds cliche, but the relationships that form in this group are truly special. You’ll find artists with the same goal - to grow a sustainable business with their art - and plenty of community support and camaraderie.

Challenges, Giveaways, and Prizes
I can’t say too much about this right now (shhh!) but we’ll be running special giveaways with cash prizes, free coaching, and MORE - stay tuned.

Join now for just $37/month or $197 for the year (that is 6-months for free)

I have enrolled 9 persons in my beta course

"For all of you who know me from last year witnessing my struggles with the online world, I proudly announce I have enrolled 9 persons in my beta course beginning today!

I can't stress enough how much the gentle persistent push from Alexis Fedor helped me to push over the enormous resistance and thanks to the incredible support of this community"

Insa Hoffmann

Fine Artist

It's life changing

"The coaching Alexis's has given me is wonderful. It's life changing. It really does change how you see your business and realize how you can go into different directions to make more money so that you can live from it full time."

Holly Dean

Fine Artist

It really paid off

"I made a decent number in sales over the 4 days because people could see the landing page and access the link to the offer. I have had requests to speak at events about the healing benefits of art from people who got sight of the offer.

Thanks Alexis Fedor for encouraging me to add one of my workshops in the bundle, it significantly increased the bundle value...it really paid off."

Antonia Lee

Fine Artist

Frequently Asked Questions about  the NEW AIB Membership

How much?

$197/year or $37/month (you will be locked into that price, no matter how much it goes up, for life!)


Can I cancel?

Yes, you can cancel at any time.

If I cancel, can I come back?

Yes, you can come back whenever you feel like.

Will the price be the same if I cancel and come back?

No, if you cancel and then want to rejoin you will not get the same rate of $370/year or $37/month. You will be charged what the current rate is for the membership.

What can I expect every month?

  • Monthly guest expert speakers with live Q&A’s!
  • Live quarterly Q&A’s with Alexis!
  • Special workshops just for members to help you adapt to the changing online business landscape!
  • AND…
  • Special prizes (coaching, cash- yes, cash!- and more!)

When I have questions where can I post them?

You can post any questions in the New Private AIB Membership Facebook group in the questions thread!

Will the community be the same premise as the Profit Canvas group?

Yes, there will be a Facebook group that will follow the same premise of the Profit Canvas group

When will the Quarterly live Q&A’s take place?

They will take place every 3-months on the same day and time. The reminders of the sessions will always be posted in the Events section of the group as well as emailed out to everyone in the membership.

When will the guest speaker sessions take place?

They will be scheduled each month to best fit everyone's time. The reminders of the sessions will always be posted in the Events section of the group as well as emailed out to everyone in the membership.

Will they be recorded?

All sessions will ALWAYS be recorded and emailed to members

What kind of guests are you planning to have?

We will be having experts that will come in to cover what members are struggling with or what we feel will benefit members best as the time. Also, we will be monitoring everyone's questions and bring in special help when it is needed.

Who will monitor the group on a daily basis?

The AIB Support team. We will be there to make sure that absolutely every single person is getting their questions answered and is going to help address any concerns or issues you are having as you move forward.



We have a commitment to you:

If you feel the membership you enrolled in has not served you in growing your business, you can then cancel at any time, no questions asked once you submit to us the following:

  • A completed feedback about your experience with the membership

We are so excited to offer this, and you won’t find a more supportive place to get the right expertise to grow your art business

You’re supported by a team of artists who are making money, who have been where you are, and who can help guide you to the other side. 

And at just $37/month or $197/year (that is 6-months for free), this is a small investment with HUGE results!

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