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The Ideal Client Waitlist Bootcamp!

Give me one day to show you how to generate a waitlist of clients eager to buy your next art piece before you even create it!

Date and Time: Mon, Nov 9th, 12:00pm - 2:30pm EST (with a 20 min break) 

A NEW Ideal Client Discovery Bootcamp to help you fast-track:

  • Creating an Ideal Client Profile
  • Understanding quickly what your ideal clients need from you
  • The ONE secret to creating a waitlist of Ideal Clients for your next offer
  • ...and much more! 


The Ideal Client Waitlist Blueprint (this is worth the cost of admission alone!)

Date and Time: Mon, Nov 9th, 12:00pm - 2:30pm EST (with a 20 min break) 

Your Investment:



3 payments of $177

"The coaching Alexis's has given me is wonderful. It's life changing. It really does change how you see your business and realize how you can go into different directions to make more money so that you can live from it full time."

Holly Dean | Fine Artist

"Wow! I have done 2 Ideal Client discovery interviews... I got such a wealth of information and really learnt about both the clients. I learnt about and want they want and need from me in terms of my offer to feel loved and empowered which both are the core to my Why theme. Trust the process artist friends!"

Antonia Lee | Fine Artist

"Alexis is not only giving information, there's tons of information outside there in the world, you can get through the Internet, you can read all the blog posts...She lets us feel we are more than another number in her client base. Really gives us the feeling that she cares about us. This really makes a difference and it made a difference for me."

Insa Hoffman | Fine Artist

Be the first in line to build an art business that aligns with your artistic vision and brings a flow of consistent profits your way!

  • Seven KEY steps 347 artists have taken to generate over $3,735,395 with their art
  • Points to win free coaching from Alexis to help you grow your online art business
  • Case study of how one artist made $9,500 after just one month of implementing these seven steps
  •   …and much, much more!

Gain 25 Points NOW for joining the Pre-Challenge Group!

"My about page was written in third person very arty! I re- worded my entire website to be more approachable and incorporated my why. Now it is very me & it makes me happy!

Loving this course! Thank you"

Froyle Davies | Fine Artist

"I felt this was everything I had been looking for. I had been getting bits and pieces, but this was all in one place. And Alexis has a background in art, so she knows how we think...I’ve been able to use what I learned from Alexis to keep bringing in consistent income after the course was over. This is huge compared to other programs I’ve done. I’m excited to see how to grow further.”

Kelli Folsom | Fine Artist

"I realized that a big reason for sharing my art comes from a need to connect with people, but also to let people know that they are not alone in their lives or their suffering. There are tools and lifestyle changes that can reconnect them to themselves and others. (I do wellness/yoga art) I thought I had an idea of this before, but this exercise made things come out differently"

Alex Christie | Fine Artist

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