Alexis Fedor Bio

Who is Alexis Fedor?

Alexis Fedor is a performance artist, writer, and entrepreneur who lives and works in New York City. She has an MA from NYU in Cross-Cultural Dance and Theater, with a focus on Classical Indian Dance and Theater.

Alexis Fedor is the founder of Artists In Business, a company that focuses on facilitating the growth of artistic and creatively-driven businesses.

When Is the Birthdate of Alexis Fedor?

The birthdate of Alexis Fedor is November 15, 1973.

Where Was Alexis Fedor Born?

Alexis Fedor was born in Youngstown, Ohio.

Where Did Alexis Fedor Live?

Alexis Fedor lived in Youngstown, Ohio. Alexis went to college in Athens, Ohio, and graduated from undergrad with a degree in film and dance.

Later, she lived in Chicago for two years before going to grad school in New York City where she has lived ever since.

What Are Alexis Fedor’s Family Background and History?

Alexis Fedor’s father Alexander Fedor is a painter and sculptor and her mother Mary Alice Fedor is a poet and English teacher, so it comes as no surprise that Alexis gravitated towards creativity. Alexis does not have siblings.

What are Alexis Fedor’s Most Passionate Interests?

Alexis Fedor’s most passionate interests include:

  • Dance. Alexis has been dancing since she was 8.
  • Writing. Alexis has written two plays and a web series, and is a member of the Writers Guild of America East. She is currently writing a book about how to grow a business online as an artist in a saturated market
  • Performing. Alexis creates her own performance art projects.
  • Traveling.
  • Helping other artists build businesses with their creative work so they are able to have a huge impact on the world
  • Spending time with animals.

What Are Alexis Fedor’s Values and Beliefs?

Alexis Fedor’s values and beliefs revolve around equal opportunities, kindness, and authenticity.

Alexis Fedor believes that everyone should be given an equal opportunity to do what they feel they were put on this earth to pursue.

She believes that everyone should be paid equally for the work they do.

Additionally, Alexis believes that kindness is at the heart of all worthwhile relationships. Alexis values kindness, integrity, and authenticity, as well as the ability to remove our “masks” in order to be ourselves.

What Is Alexis Fedor’s Educational Background?

Alexis Fedor’s educational background includes dance, film, and theater.

Alexis studied Dance and Film, with a minor in Creative Writing in undergrad school. She moved to NYC at the age of 24 to attend grad school at NYU’s Gallatin School where she studied Cross-Cultural Dance and Theater with a focus on Classical Indian Dance and Theater-Bharatha Natyam and Kathakali-. Additionally, she studied acting at the Deena Levy Studio in NYC and taught dance and lyengar-style yoga for ten years.

Who Are Alexis Fedor’s Mentors or Role Models?

Alexis Fedor has always admired strong and determined women, so it comes as no surprise that her list of mentors and role models consists mostly of female writers and entrepreneurs. The list of Alexis Fedor’s mentors and role models includes:

  • Oprah Winfrey, an American talk show host, actress, television producer, media proprietor, and author.
  • Alice Walker, an American novelist, short story writer, poet, social activist, and the first African-American woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for the novel The Color Purple.
  • Gloria Naylor, an American novelist, known for novels including The Women of Brewster Place, Mama Day, and Linden Hills.
  • Anna Deveare Smith, an American actress, playwright, author, educator, and journalist, best known for her one-woman plays that examined social issues.
  • Eve Ensler, an American playwright, performer, author, activist, and feminist, best known for her play The Vagina Monologues.
  • Ryan Levesque, an entrepreneur, Inc. 500 CEO of The ASK Method(R)
    Company, and the no.1 national best-selling author of Ask.
  • BKS lyengar, an Indian teacher of yoga and author, founder of the style of yoga as exercise, known as “lyengar Yoga”
  • Bill T. Jones, an American choreographer, dancer, director, author, and co-founder of the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company.
  • Victoria Beckham, an English fashion designer, singer, and TV personality.

What Led Alexis Fedor to Pursue Her Career?

Alexis Fedor was led to pursue her career by her deep desire to help other artists create long-term, sustainable businesses with their art. That desire has trumped every other pursuit in her life and is one she feels she was put here to do.

Alexis sees the business side of art as an opportunity for artists to unmask any false pretenses they have about themselves in order to attract the audience they are meant to have the greatest impact on.

When artists are able to break through those internal barriers that cause them to hold back their artistic vision and mission, they are able to create the kinds of businesses that have a deeper impact on society than any other kind of business. This works to shift the economy back into the hands of the people as well, which makes a greater impact on local communities than anything else.

What Are Alexis Fedor’s Unique Talents or Skills?

The list of Alexis Fedor’s unique talents and skills includes:

  • Ballet
  • Tap dance
  • Yoga teacher
  • Writer
  • Multi-disciplinary performer and creator
  • Thought leader

What are Alexis Fedor’s Favorite Quotes?

Alexis Fedor’s favorite quote or saying is by Maya Angelou, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Fedor’s motto is “Your art. Your business, Your way.”

What Are Alexis Fedor’s Hobbies Outside of Work?

Alexis Fedor’s hobbies outside of work are:

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Hiking
  • Traveling
  • Eating wonderful food

What Is Alexis Fedor’s Work-Life Balance Like?

Alexis Fedor’s work-life balance is working on exactly what you know you need to be working on in life daily. Alexis believes that everything falls into balance instantaneously when you are able to achieve that.

What Are Alexis Fedor’s Major Accomplishments in Her Career?

The list of Alexis Fedor’s major accomplishments in her career includes:

  • lyengar Yoga Teacher
  • NYU Grad
  • Member of the Writer’s Guild of America
  • Featured solo performer in the NYC Midtown International Theater Festival
  • Forthcoming book: The Profit Canvas

What Has Alexis Fedor Learned as a Major Life Lesson?

Alexis Fedor has learned as a major life lesson that life occurs in the present moment- not in the past, not in the future- at this moment, now, and there is never going to be another moment like this one.

What Charities or Causes Does Alexis Fedor Support?

Alexis supports three charities and causes: RAIN: Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network, American Nurses Foundation, and She’s The First.

  • RAINN: Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network. Alexis was a victim of sexual violence, so she supports RAIN personally and through her business to spread the word about the helpful resources available for anyone in that kind of compromised situation.
  • American Nurses Foundation. Alexis’s grandmother, aunt, and cousin are all nurses. When her father was ill, Alexis experienced firsthand the compassion, commitment, and dedication nurses have for their work and the patients they serve. She watched this quadruple during
  • COVID and was humbled beyond belief at the impact nurses have on our world. She is committed to supporting nurses both personally and professionally for the rest of her life.
  • She’s The First. This organization supports sending girls to school in areas of the world where access to education is limited. Alexis is committed to supporting this organization personally and professionally.

What Is Alexis Fedor’s Leadership Style?

Alexis Fedor’s leadership style is direct, clear, to the point, and with compassion. Alexis’s leadership style strikes a balance between intuitive coaching and practical online marketing business coaching. Her compassion combined with her no-nonsense approach to growing a business makes her stand out from other business coaching programs online. Her programs address the individual needs of each artist.

What is Alexis Fedor’s Professional Background?

Alexis Fedor’s professional background is quite rich and versatile. Alexis is a trained dancer, writer, performance artist, online marketing consultant, and business owner.

What are Alexis Fedor’s Legacy and Contributions to the World?

Alexis Fedor’s legacy and contributions to the world are linked to her company Artists In Business, which focuses on facilitating the growth of artistic and creatively-driven businesses worldwide.

Alexis’s legacy is to create the kind of business that impacts artists of all disciplines on a global scale. Her vision is to help facilitate the creation of over 10k creatively-driven businesses to shift the economy and make a global impact on artist-owned businesses.

What Kind of Articles Does Alexis Fedor Produce?

Alexis Fedor produces articles on the topic of creating a long-term, profitable online art business. The purpose of each article is to help artists of all disciplines. Alexis Fedor’s articles aim to teach artists how to reach their target audience and make money from their art. Some of Alexis’s most popular articles are:

  • The Important Factor You Need To Conguer To Create A Sustainable
    Business With Your Art
  • Why When You Begin To Make More As A Business Owner You Step
  • Into A New Position Of Power
  • How To Breakthrough Your Internal Temperature About Money
  • Why It Is A Win-Win Situation When You Lead With Your Signature
  • Story When Making An Offer
  • Why It Is Important To Establish Your Signature Story In Your Business!

What Social Media Accounts Does Alexis Fedor Have?

Alexis Fedor has social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Here is a list of Alexis Fedor’s social media accounts along with the number of followers on each account:

  • Facebook 8,500 followers
  • Twitter 211 followers
  • Instagram 5,281 followers
  • Linkedln 2,894 followers

What Are the Business or Entrepreneurial Ventures of Alexis Fedor?

Alexis Fedor’s business or entrepreneurial venture is to help artists create online art businesses through her company, Artists In Business.

Fedor has helped facilitate more than $10,000,000 in online art sales so far. Alexis Fedor’s services include coaching and Mentorship for artists of all disciplines. Her programs include the AIB Jumpstart and the Profit Canvas Mentorship.

When Did Alexis Fedor’s Career as A Business Coach Begin?

Alexis Fedor’s career as a coach began in 2016.

When Did Alexis Fedor Establish Her Business, Artists in Business?

Alexis Fedor established her business, Artists in Business on Jan 1, 2017.

Her business is very successful and thriving. Artists in Business has overseen over $21.5 Million of art sold online, had over 700 artists enrolled in their Signature Mentorship, and has over 16,000 artists in our online community.

What Motivated Alexis Fedor to Start Doing Business Coaching?

Alexis Fedor was motivated to start doing business coaching by the fact that she had an “unfair advantage” of being able to merge creativity with business growth. Fedor is motivated by her passion for teaching artists how to create better lives for themselves and others as well. Her company allows her to do what she loves for the people she cares most about.

What Is The Biggest Challenge Alexis Fedor Faced in Her Business Coaching Career?

The biggest challenge Alexis Fedor faced in her business coaching career is getting past her own internal blocks around money and success. Alexis learned how to overcome this challenge and allow herself to move into a state of abundance and expansion. Overcoming this big challenge enabled Alexis to create the kind of business she wants to leave as a legacy to those she loves and the artists who are able to continue to benefit from it for decades to come.